So far…

May 26th, 2011

For the past week and a half we hadn’t been too busy (except for Monday the 23rd) because we hadn’t had any sessions to do. Linda is just having me come over and post process and the last few times she’s had me working in Photoshop doing final edits for the clients orders.  The main thing that is done in Photoshop to get a portrait ready for a client is actually not as hard as I thought it was gonna be.  The eyes are whitened,burned, catch lights enhanced, and little imperfections are simply removed as well as unwanted hairs that fall across the face.  Sometimes dark circles under the eyes are fixed.  Other than that there isn’t a whole lot of work for one picture.  The hard part is doing hundreds!

On monday of this week we finally had a session!  It was two boys and a girl who were going off the college.  The weather was nice and the session was going smoothly.  I didn’t take any pictures this time because they really needed me as reflector girl, which I was happy to do.  The session got really interesting when we went to the river and had the clients get in!  They said it was cold but the pics came out awesome!  Then we went to another spot in the river where there are a lot of rapids!  We put them in a safe spot where it was quiet and they wouldn’t go floating down the river.  Well, one of the boys (after he was done with pics) wasn’t paying attention and he got sucked in the rapid and went a little ways down the river!  It was sooooo scary, but he ended up, thankfully, being ok.  He is a star swimmer so he wasn’t too worried about it!  It was an eventful day, but we got some HOT pics!

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