The last few days

May 16th, 2011

Last week I had a busy week, working four days in a row (it would have been 5, but Linda was sick one of the days).  On wednesday the 11th I worked on post processing, which involves all the pre-editing before the photoshop editing.  We use lightroom to do all the post processing and we spend time putting different art forms on the pics.  We change some of the pics to B&W, aged (muted), cream color, etc.  There are so many pics to post process that it can take a while just to do that!

Thursday the 12th I went to a view and choose, which is just basically when a client (whose already had their pics taken) comes over and is able to view all the pictures in a slideshow on a big projector.  They then get to see all the proofs in an album and choose which pictures they want for what ever they are purchasing.  The view and chooses can last for up to a couple hours because it is hard for the client to choose from all the pictures and choose what they want to purchase.  During some of the view and choose I went into the office and worked on more post processing!

Friday the 13th there was a senior photo session that I helped with.  I was second photographer for a little while and then Bob took over and I was reflector girl.  The session went smoothly with a Stafford High School senior who was very into drama.  We were able to get some awesome pics, even though it almost down poured on us!  Winterberry has been very lucky these past couple of weeks because it seems like every time we have a photo session its on the brink of rain.

Saturday the 14th was Stafford High School and James Monroe High School’s prom and we were there for a group of juniors and seniors from SHS to take their pics.  Linda’s daughter Olivia goes to SHS and she was in a group of 42 and Winterberry always take pics for free to promote their business.  It was crazy trying to organize all those crazy teenagers!  But the pics came out great and even though it was hard working with a big group I got to see how Linda and Bob handle it and I learned a lot!

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