May 7th I went to Bob and Linda’s and got ready to go downtown for a photo shoot…this time I remember to bring my camera and vowed never to leave home without it!  The day was beautiful outside and the lighting was perfect.  The session went smoothly and I got take some shot using my camera, but for the most part I was reflector girl when needed 🙂  We went all around downtown and we got some great shots.  After shooting downtown Bob and I wanted to play around with some indoor lighting and asked if they wanted some cool indoor shots at the house…they agreed and so we went back to Bob and Linda’s.  When we got to the house, Bob showed me how to set up the indoor equipment and I got to run and take the photos of the remaining session, which was awesome!  Its is definitely harder to do indoor photos because the space is limited and there is only so many interesting poses one can do..but I pulled through and got some great shots 🙂

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