1 crazy photo session!

May 9th, 2011

I showed up at the house around 4 on friday May 6th and expected the normal photo shoot of Bob and Linda taking photos while I observe and hold the reflector and randomly give ideas.  Well this day in particular Bob got held over at his day job so I was thrown into the position of second photographer!  I really wasn’t too nervous about the taking pictures…more excited actually.  We were already running late and had to meet the clients at their house, which was located almost an hour away!  Thankfully we made it their on time, but realized that Bob’s nikon didn’t have the battery in it!  This had been the only day that I had forgotten my camera and I felt horrible, but luckily there was an extra camera in the car.  Once we stared the photo session everything went smoothly…except for the minor detail that there was a huge storm coming our way!  We luckily were on the outskirts of the storm and it passed by without creating a huge issue.  Even though the day was crazy and I had to step up to the plate of second photographer, we got great shots and had fun!  I definitely learned a lot from being behind the camera and following Linda on what she does almost every day.

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