First days as an intern!

May 6th, 2011

I started at Winterberry Portraits on April 30th and have worked a few days since then.  My first day there I accompanied them on a photo session that they needed to finish up of a senior and his french horn.  I learned how to use a reflector to help eliminate the shadows on his face and capture the light to make it appear even. It was a little hard at first using the reflector because its pretty big and can be a bit heavy, especially if I needed to hold it in the air for a while.  The session was short because we were only finishing up from the previous session, but I learned a lot about dealing with the reflector and light and I was even able to throw in a few suggestions on posing!

My second day was tuesday the 3rd and I learned what Winterberry does with clients after the photo shoots.  When the photo sessions are completed they select the best photos from the bunch and do their first edits in lightroom and prepare a slide show for the clients to come over and watch.  Then after the slide show presentation the clients can look through a photo album which has all the 4X6 proofs.  They select their favorite pics and then talk to Winterberry about what they would like done with those particular pictures.  After the clients left I stayed and took some pictures with the husband (the husband and wife are a team) and we did some fun shots with the daughter which were inspired by a hollywood glamour shot of Marilyn Monroe kissing herself in a mirror.  It was a lot of fun and we worked indoors so it was interesting working with indoor lighting.  I work today (May 6th) and tomorrow doing 3 different photo sessions!

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